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The brand DesignWerket® registered in the EU 2014-is characterized by designer Gunilla L Werkelins distinctive design

Rock/romantic clothes and interior for the woman who wants to stand out in the crowd. All products are made in LIMITED EDITION-to make you unique! 

One designer alone makes all the pieces that make up the brand, and her imagination is as stunning as her attention to function and details. She interprets the trends of the fashion world and combines them with a love of history and rock-which provides these stunning couture clothing. 

If you're lucky to get your hands on a piece of her clothing or interior that are made in limited edition, you will have it for years to come, and constantly find yourself answering the question: "-where did you buy that?"

DesignWerket offers the customer, sustainable fashion and home decoration in terms of responsible consumption: a Swedish alternative, with all production in Europe.


DesignWerket - what's that?

After many years as a fashion designer in the fashion sector, DesignWerket grew from the ideas of Gunilla Ljungberg Werkelin.

DesignWerket would design clothing and accessories, with a vision to dress women with attitude. 


Gunilla Ljungberg Werkelin - who's that?

Gunillas father hails from the island Gotland, where he were the third generation in a family of tailors, and her mother hails from Norway. Gunilla was born and raised in a family of fur coat maker, she now lives and creates on the west coast of Sweden.

the customer - who's that?

The Woman who buys DesignWerket creations desires detailed and unique garments and home decor. She likes to buy her clothing and accessories in an inspiring environment. Many of our retailers are boutiques and lifestyle shops. 

highest grade in history...

Each season Gunilla creates new garments that all are inspired by epochs in history that touch her heart. She mix the history with influence from the fashion capitals. Finally all blends with yin and yang, soft and hard, male and female into a rock/romantic style that is unique for the brand. 

black as favourite...

The fabric she use in her designs, is choosen with great care. They are soft, comfortable, and easy to deal with, in an entire environmentally friendly way. The favorite colour is black that she spices with the season's colours.


Everything is produced in Europe: accessories, fabrics and production. On the factory floors, men and women with many years' experience, work with pride on the garments. The environment is also an important factor, our objective is to ensure that everything is in harmony with the environment and our conscience

icing on the cake...

In addition to worn apparel Gunilla also design accessories and home decorations. They match the collections and follow the inspiration themes.

all may not be in Paris...

The office lies between farms and the salt-splashed beaches in Varberg, on the west coast of Sweden. Here, Gunilla finds her inspiration in a soothing environment.


DesignWerket AB

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43274 Träslövsläge

VAT: SE556670625401