När lugnet innfinner sig...

When the calm comes...

It is only then that the law of attraction can work in your life!

When we are stressed, upset, afraid or angry then nothing works... Have you noticed?

It is only when the calm has subsided that things move forward in a positive way 💖.

What is it that creates the anxiety and stress? Is it ourselves?

Many times we worry unnecessarily about things we think will happen. Then it turns out it didn't happen... and then we've felt needlessly bad, haven't we?

Should that happen, however... well, then we've had a bad time twice!

So how can you be calm?

Peace resides within us… just like everything we do and say, it actually comes from within us…

It may sound strange, because you usually think "if only I get a holiday... or, if only I finish: then I can be calm".

Or maybe you recognize: "If only I had money, then everything would be fine!"

Will it really be?

Or is it that we all travel the world to find that all happiness and peace is within us..?

To find your inner peace, you need to find a quiet place to sit and just be...be in the moment.

Breathe, relax and stop thinking about anything at all... It can be very difficult to start, but with practice it makes perfect! A guided meditation can be the solution.

It's a bit like riding a bike, once you've found the technique it becomes easy.

What is it that worries us?

Jobs, money and above all: the news and social media...

Worry eats us up from the inside, and it can make us very sick.

So take a day off from the news and social media, and see how you feel. It could be 24 hours that you won't soon forget.

When you worry, you can ask yourself the question: what is the worst that can happen? Can I solve it? Or is it out of my control?

About 5% of everything we worry about is out of our control, and then there is not much we can do about it.

By worrying, you send out energies that can often make things worse, or cause the problem to persist.

So if you want to learn more about the law of attraction, you can find my book >> HERE and the course >> HERE

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