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Katarina Medium - Spirit contact 35 minutes

Katarina Medium - Spirit contact 35 minutes

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Everything. 1 Order video
We do not book an appointment together. You will receive a recorded video of me making contact with the spirit world. Write in the message the person you wish to contact. First name and relationship. You will receive the recorded video back by email with your spirit contact. Nothing can be guaranteed that the desired person will appear from the spirit world. But we can always try. Someone always comes, we just don't know who. The one that is best suited for you will always come.

Everything. 2 Telephone time
Book an appointment and I will call you at the time you booked. If you have someone in particular you want to get in touch with, we can make an attempt, but there are no guarantees.

This is how I work
I work with the spirit world in my own way, but I always give you good evidence. The person from the spirit world with whom you had a relationship in some way, I will give you a description of who it is and what qualities it had, perhaps your memories together. It depends on what the spirit wants to tell.


You will of course receive messages from the other side. A message that should be relevant to you now or some time in the future. It can sometimes be surprising who comes and why this relative wants to come to you right now.

When ordering or booking, I would like to know who you would most like to get in touch with. There is nothing I can guarantee. But it helps me in which direction to turn and where the energy goes for the best contact. It is always the spirit world that chooses who or who come forward to message you. So I always leave that up to them.

My ambition is for you to know who is coming to you in the best way possible. Sometimes guides or relatives come from completely unexpected directions and can surprise. I surrender everything to the intelligence of the spirit world. My work as a spiritualist medium is to convey messages to you in the best way.

Certified medium

I am a certified educated and trained spiritualist medium and continue to develop the work with the spirit world. What I see as important in this is that I constantly strive to be a better and clearer one between our worlds. Therefore, I have chosen to still attend developing and advanced courses and circles for my mediumship.

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