The Law of Attraction - What is that?

The Law of Attraction - What is that?

The law of attraction is universal, a basis for the law of vibration. It is about the fact that you are worth everything, and everything you wish for, you can have. The hard part is just figuring out how to do it.

We are all made up of energies like everything else around us. With your thoughts, you can direct these energies so that what you want comes to you, or you create what you want through your thoughts. In other words, thoughts become things.

But it's not enough to think about what you want. You have to feel gratitude, joy, forgive and be in harmony with your thoughts, and this is where the tricky part comes in for us ordinary "Jantelags" Swedes. You need to believe and know that you are someone, which is entirely against what we are born with.

Often our subconscious thoughts and ghosts lie so that no matter how many years we have forgiven, been grateful, and truly felt worthy of everything we wanted; we still have not received them.

By studying the law of attraction and attending courses, you will get closer to your goal. It's usually not enough to read a book, but don't give up! It will come if only you are persistent.

The first thing you need to do is set a clear goal. A goal is one thing, your status on your health or a sum of money, and it is not; - I want more money, - I want to be healthy, - I want to be rich, - I want a house, - I want to be thin.

But you don't need to specify the goal: I want 100,000 in my savings account, or I want to weigh 56 kg, or I want to live in a house in Greece with a view of the Mediterranean Sea, or I want my broken arm to be healed and healthy again.

Once you have determined your goal, you must specify when you will achieve the goal.

Please write down the goal and the time on a piece of paper and read it at least twice daily. This allows you to process your subconscious mind so that the goal finally feels completely obvious. This is when your energies begin to draw this to you. Get ready to receive!


In October 2019, the manual in Swedish was released: The Law of Attraction-Thank You, which is an extraordinary tool to use in your work to get in the flow with the law of attraction. You can find it in our shop and at several internet booksellers.

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