Rycka plåstret...

Rip off the patch...

Everything has a beginning and an end...

15 years of sustainable fashion that will soon be a thing of the past…

I keep hearing: Gunilla - don't give up now! Now people are starting to wake up and understand the importance of sustainable clothes, that they are made by people who can live on their wages and that they are made in countries where environmental regulations are followed (or that have regulations).

2020 was a transformative year for many, not only negative but also positive, when insight after insight came like a rosary.

For us, the year turned out to be different and the whole business model ended up in the ditch, when our new collections didn't show up...

As you probably know, our factories were closed and our fabric stock ended up in Sweden. (Of course we can start a factory here in Sweden, but as I have educated you over the years, you know that no one would pay the price…)

Rip the Band-Aid!

Changing direction is not so easy, because you don't really know which way the wind is blowing...

But one thing is certain and that is that it is not blowing backwards, so now we are moving forward.

July 14, 2021 is the day when what has been and is now becomes history.

My goal has always been to retire on July 14, 2021, not to retire (it's quite a while until then..) but to stop working.

What do you do when you work? You do something because you have to.

On July 15, 2021, I will start doing what is fun!

Maybe I'll write a book about DesignWerket - 15 years of sustainable fashion, or maybe I won't.

Until then, we will continue to sell out and destock.

I have known this truth for a while, but I have been very ambivalent, if and when I should share...

Now i have done it! 😅

New found chores!

Since I haven't been able to do what I've been passionate about (designing) for a year, I've been creating other things.

I have built websites, which is a form of creation!

In the last shivering hours of 2020, I stepped out of the closet and started the online sewing & pattern design course! (You can find it >> HERE )

Wow, what a feeling, that so many wanted to learn from little me!

Every Thursday I have zoom calls with dedicated listeners, who give me so much energy! It has become the funnest hour of the week!

I have also continued my journey inward and found so much insight.

With these, chakra tests, horoscopes and mappings have followed.

And not to forget blogging (even if it's becoming less common these days...).

So, I am not idle…

But I'm at a bit of a loss, because I really need to empty the stock… and have some help removing the patch… 😵

Stock emptying!

Help me, help you… 🥰

You can now find bargains, partly at the Outlet at prices well below production cost, as well as...

You get a 30% discount on the entire regular clothing range...

And as you now know, it's not coming back… 😵

So have you (or a friend) longed for a durable, designer garment in my design, well then it's time not to be ambivalent, as I have been 😅

Please tell your friends! 🤩

Enter the code at checkout: countdown

then comes the discount of 30%! (Only on clothes at word. price and cannot be combined with other discounts...)

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