Ljuset återvänder 🤩

The light returns 🤩

In these dark times, it sometimes feels like everything will soon be over... the restrictions are coming down and it's like a suffocating feeling.

Tomorrow, December 21, everything changes.

The light is coming back slowly but surely and it's time to start seeing the light at the tunnel...

Although it may seem distant, it is high time to look ahead, see that the brighter future is ours!

We have a tradition of celebrating Yule, which falls on December 21, in our own little way.

First we procure a purple candle, Budapest pastries and paper and pencil.

We start by lighting the candle and giving thanks for the past year and telling about everything positive that has happened. (Although the year feels heavy, there are positive things after all.)

On our pieces of paper we then write down what we wish for next year, we then set fire to these pieces of paper and spread the ashes in the garden.

We then celebrate by eating our Budapest pastry!

Tomorrow we will also light a lantern at 8 pm, when many people all over Sweden will light fires to celebrate that the light is coming back!

Let us together let light and joy into our lives, by celebrating the return of light.

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