Det finns alltid något att fira!

There is always something to celebrate!

Today, December 15, 2020, we celebrate 20 years of marriage!

If we rewind the band 20 years to 2000... also a strange year, not because of any pandemic but because we were many friends who snuck away to get married without telling others 😅.

We had been together for 10 years and it started to get a little strange when my then seven-year-old son didn't call me mom... I had dyed my hair black, my son and husband were both blonde and my son called Gunilla after me 😂.

No one who didn't know us knew I was his mother. Even my name was different.

The wedding ring had been in a bank deposit box for eight years...(purchased in India), so what were we waiting for?

On Friday, December 15, 2000, we sneaked into the town hall in Kungsbacka together with the in-laws and witnesses. Our son was best man.

I remember my co-workers being so stressed because I hadn't fixed any clothes to wear. In my usual calm, I knew it would be all right. I had already booked a bouquet (Purple orchids) and knew in my heart that I would wear a purple dress.

The week before the wedding I was on a shopping trip in Greece. When I got there I asked my agent if he knew any tailors? "Tailor, what are you going to do with it? There are plenty of clothes in the shops!" he answered my question...

On the second night of my trip, I went out to the shops, and there was my purple suit waiting for me!

See, it always works out!

Dinner was enjoyed at Särö Värdshus among Christmas plates, and the wedding journey continued to Milan where we spent the weekend!

Think how fast 20 years go by!

Today I am therefore giving you a 20% discount in the entire shop because we are celebrating our 20th anniversary 💖.

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