15 years in fashion!

15 years in fashion!

15 years ago I sat on the flight to Greece with sketches of the first collection of DesignWerket clothes.

There have been many garments over the years... c:a 400 models per year...! In recent years I have limited myself to 100 models per year, so in total it is upwards of 5000 models 😅.

What do you do then? When you want to celebrate, and can't present an anniversary collection because the factories are closed?

You start a sewing/pattern construction course instead! 😂

"The ways of the Lord are unfathomable" it is said... and verily I say unto you, that it is so. 😅

You can read more about the course in my blog post HERE: https://www.insiktswerket.se/2020/12/12/kliva-ur-garderoben/

PS we have already started the 15th anniversary in the fall of 2020, and it will continue throughout 2021!

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