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Yellow Topas

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Topaz is a lucky charm that, when used, will help draw good luck into your life.

It has long been considered a manifestation stone that allows you to recognize your desires and then attract them into your life.

It has a very demanding stabilizing energy that helps you align your chakras and meridian points to promote and stimulate health and healing.

Topaz is a stone that allows you to look deep within yourself and come to the realization of what things are holding you back in life, then allows you to let them go and move forward with the understanding that you are worthy of love and a good future in all areas in your life.

Topaz is a stone of focus and coordination that allows you to see things more clearly to understand and retain the necessary information. Affirmation: I have luck and happiness with me wherever I go.

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Chakra: Crown, 3rd Eye and Throat.

Size: approx. 30-50mm
Quality: A
Origin: Brazil

All our stones are a product of nature, they are not completely smooth or free of cracks. Size, shape, color variations, and quality may vary between the stones. Crack formations etc., belongs to and it is not something that causes the product to be faulty or gives the right to complain. They are sold as is. Our goal is to send you the best stones we have!

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