Rätt tid

Right time

When do you know you are doing things at the right time?

How many times have you tried to do things on time, only to discover that you were too early or late...?

Right now we are in a time the likes of which have never been seen before... Economies are collapsing, the whole world is quarantined and everything feels most strange..

Now when I look back at what I have done in the last two years, I feel like I have done everything at the right time. It's a strange feeling and at the same time very nice. 💖

I continue to work on what I'm passionate about: making you feel good, both on the outside and on the inside.

I sat in Greece on New Year's and did my financial statements. Not with kroner and ören, but an account of my life and what I wanted to do.

A strong itch to write came over me and I decided to share my insights more and more, whereupon the blog insiktswerket was born. There I share insights and also some card interpretations that I am now getting better at 😅.

We also turned this webshop into a lifestyle magazine so I can share interesting articles. And all at the right time.

What do I mean by the right time?

If I had continued where I was two years ago, selling only to stores and making large collections, my business would have looked completely different.

Many of the shops are no longer around and the few that are still around are having a very difficult time. Most mid-sized clothing chains have now collapsed and it's only a matter of days before more follow...

It is not only shops that are disappearing, but also the factories that make the clothes.

Why is this happening? Is it just this virus that is creating these bankruptcies?

No, this is a "virus" that has been living in the clothing industry for a long time... It was the virus that was the last straw...

As I've written before (before the virus ramped up), the clothing shopping spree is over. And it was before it ended that we crossed paths and chose another path.

Today I am so happy and grateful that we did this, because I feel that when I followed my intuition - it was right!

Of course, I want to help you feel right, and follow your intuition. Right now you can participate in my course in the law of attraction via the web and come out as YOU 2.0 in 30 days! How wonderful it would be to come to an insight, find your inner peace and figure out what your gains are when the storm has passed.

You can read more about the course >> HERE

If I am to predict the future (which I like to do), I think we are moving towards a more sustainable world. We will buy fewer garments, they will be of better quality and last a long time. Fast fashion has reached its doomsday and will disappear. We will also get out our sewing machines again and re-sew old clothes, or sew new ones!

The bright future is ours! 😎

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