How aware are you?

Now you're wondering what I mean, aren't you?

When are you conscious?

It depends on what awareness you are referring to, doesn't it..?

You can be fashion conscious, environmentally conscious, health conscious etc

What is being aware?

Wikipedia describes:

Consciousness is an individual's ability to use their various mental abilities to interpret the world around them and react adequately to it. [ 1 ] Consciousness and experience are the same thing. A camera cannot experience, only unconsciously record, and a computer is not aware of its stored information.

So in other words, do you become aware by watching the news?

Both yes and no...

I made a post about it the other day which you can find >> HERE

What is the easiest way to become aware?

By asking the question WHY!? and WHO!?

I notice that during this pandemic many people have gained insight and raised their consciousness, which is fantastic.

The more we KNOW and understand, the better we can take care of each other and our earth.

We also get completely different values ​​and value everything we have around us, it's not as obvious anymore... is it?

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