Kan själv, Sy själv!

Can yourself, Sew yourself!

Think that there are so many people sewing their own clothes in 2020!
I just have to say WOW how talented you are 🤩
I feel so proud when I see all the creations that are created and that there are so many people sewing clothes today!
Truth be told, I had no idea so many people sewed yet, because our clothes are so cheap...
I have "stalked" around in groups on Facebook, and left some tips and tricks where I can help.
After reading and answering many questions, an idea came to me... What if I should collect my knowledge in a book..?
So I have started writing, and am now sharing the first pages and a small material encyclopedia - free of course! 👍
You can find the book here: https://walwet.se/sytips
Maybe it will be a finished book eventually... I hope you find something I can help you with!
Let the industrious sewing lamp continue to shine 💖
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