En tid som separerar oss...

A time that separates us...

Report 2020 (or 1940?).
Have visited little mother, or rather stood 10 meters outside her window (which was of course closed) and talked to her on the phone. Tried to wave to her, but stood in the backlight so she only saw the silhouette.
She wonders what is going on???
Why has Hitler been released again?? Is it 1940?
Why can't she meet her family?
How long will it take before we get to meet?
The questions rained down and it was not easy to answer them..
- No, mom, it's not a war. It's a virus, and no I'm not sick and I don't know anyone who has been/is sick. I don't know how long this will last.. I can't do anything for us to meet.
Do you work in the resistance movement? Because our whole family did..
-No, there is no resistance movement. (Or does it?) (Little Mother fled from Norway to Sweden during WW2 and has painful memories of that time.)
How could Hitler have taken 90% of the population with him, she asks... What does one answer to that?
Do you think our phone is bugged she asked... Yes mom I think so.
Then the scumbags (shitbags) can have it! She says, to which she giggles.
So lovely to hear her laugh! 😅
The longer time goes by, the harder it is for me to understand why everyone in the nursing homes has been declared incapacitated.
Why is it important that a 98-year-old should be kept shielded from the virus?
Is she going to die of something and getting to spend her last time with her relatives is still more important than sitting locked up, confused in her own room?
The staff are doing a fantastic job, but to shield mum from the virus they should also be locked in the facility.
If I had worked there I would have met little mother, got to go home, go shopping, go to Ullared (!) and then go back and see her because I worked there.
But as her daughter, I can't even quarantine myself for 14 days to see her…
As a relative, you are seen as a carrier of infection, it's a bit like during the war that you got a Jew's star on you..
This my friends is VERY sick!
I know a lot of you don't agree with me, but now I'm so tired of this that I have to vent a little.
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