En ny värld

A new world

We have all been taken to the edge of the bed and now have to feel how it feels to live in a world of uncertainty, of course none of us deserve this experience and we all do our best to avoid it.

Many have spent their time hoarding in stores (strange that you don't know anyone who has done it...?). There will be many buns baked..? (Coming back with a tasty recipe for those of you who have managed to get your hands on some yeast!) Here on the best coast, the yeast is out, both dry and wet...

How can we feel better and find opportunities instead of seeing all the problems?

Breathe! Take it easy! Many of us cannot influence what is happening in the world right now. Do what you can, ie. help those around you who need help, and help yourself keep a cool head. Try not to hang out too much on social media or check the news all the time, because like I said, you can't influence that much right now. But don't have to let the storm pass.

Take the opportunity to learn something: read books, take an online course ! Why not learn the law of attraction so that you are better equipped?

Sort and clean at home, put old photos in albums, post what you don't want on ads on Blocket, Facebook or Tradera.

Start writing your book, or crochet a patchwork quilt!

There is so much we can do now that we get time to land. Land within ourselves and think about what we want to do for the rest of our lives. Because we will survive this chaos, even though it may feel dark.

Some may have their wings clipped a bit and these are the ones who need extra support from us, I'm thinking of all the old people who are locked up, as well as the vagrants - who takes care of them?

Maybe you're not feeling so playful after all..?

To be continued...

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