Vem bryr sig?

Who cares?

Today my daughter and I were googling around to find information for her school project about Cambodia.

During the time we were looking for famous songs, food recipes, etc. I came across an article from 2014 regarding the textile industry, which is the country's largest export industry. Even then, the seamstresses protested against the poor wages, which were about 40 kroner a day. My daughter related to her weekly allowance and thought it was ok, but when I explained the cost of the food we bought the day before, that with the Cambodian salary you had to work five weeks to pay for our food bags, she paled.

"But mom, is it really okay to make so little, and for us to buy goods made by people who make so little?" No, it clearly isn't!

But who cares ?

Most of the time we only care about it being cheap... not who made it...

Yesterday I found an old catalog that we made in 2008. In it it says: Swedish Design - Produced in Europe for the woman who cares who is making her garments.. It is now 11 years old and 5 years before the Rana Plaza building collapsed in Bangladesh (which collapsed on April 24, 2013 ) .

Rana Plaza Bangladesh from Fashion Revolution

But what does a collapsed building containing 5 factories have to do with us? And why did the building collapse?


As long as we choose to consume without caring where and how, factories will collapse and people will live on starvation wages...

Factories are collapsing because the manufacturers cannot afford to maintain the buildings, because they have to give such low prices to keep the factory running. The buyers blame the consumer that's why they have to push the prices, because we don't want to pay anything... But do you really want to pay nothing and let people suffer for you? I definitely don't think so! I think the market has gotten us used to nothing costing anything, without informing us of what happens if we choose not to pay anything (or rather pay a pittance).

So please start caring! Care about WHO and HOW your things are made..!

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