Enkelt knep för lyxigt kaffe!

Simple trick for luxurious coffee!

Have you ever wished you had a real coffee machine, so you could make luxurious coffee for your guests?

You don't have to wish anymore...

Because here you get a simple trick to make a luxurious cappuccino, without a real coffee machine!

What do you need?

A small milk whisk

A luxurious coffee cup

Powdered coffee

A shot of milk

Hot (or Ice cold for a Frappé) water

Do this:

Heat (or cool) the water

Pour about 2 cm of water into the cup

Pour in 2 teaspoons of ground coffee

Beat with the milk whisk until foamy

Pour in 1-2 cm of milk and then fill up the rest of the cup with the hot (or cold) water


Your guests will be impressed and you don't have to tell them how you did it... 😉

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