Är det Kärlek?

Is it Love?

As this year passes, the lack of real shopping is great…

Most of the time I do my shopping trips abroad... and usually find real nuggets of gold 🤩

This year, people have been relegated to shopping at home, and to be honest... I'm starting to understand more and more why the stores are falling apart 😵

In my opinion, there are 3 criteria of shopping:

1. Need

2. Price

3. Love

For me, 3 and 1 are the most important aspects, as I don't like having a lot of stuff I don't need, which I bought just because it was cheap 😅.

Unfortunately, most shopping places in Sweden are filled with criteria 1 and 2... There is like nothing to fall in love with! 😵

So then the idea is easy to understand that people stop shopping at home... especially when it is so easy to buy online.

How could we be so boring? Why don't the stores dare to be different...

Boring bass, or cheap, cheap...

Which of the criteria is most important to you? The need, the prize or the great love?

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