Bad weather?

There's no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes..
Do you recognize this? My gym teacher always told me this when it was raining.. 
I would like to change this term and rather say:
There are no bad clothes - just bad underwear!
But how do I mean?

In our fitting rooms, there are daily customers who whine on one and the other on their amazing bodies. I have never heard a woman that are proud of herself, instead there is always something to complain about. If it's not the bingo wings, then there are the love handles that we all have sooner or later on the back.

Stop whining! You are beautiful as you are, and if you want some help on the way to make you more beautiful - start with your underwear.

Use a bra that lifts the bust! Make sure you get the right size that fits.
Does the stomach put out too much? Get a girdle that holds in.
There are so many good (and bad) underwear if you just start looking. 

But how do you do with the bingo wings and the love handles? Either, you learn to accept that they exist and enjoy those as they are, or you'll learn to cover them.

One of my absolutely favorite garments to hide the love handles, and to trickle away 10kg and also look cool is Nemi vest!